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Iran ...

Iran is located in the southwest of Asia neighboring Turkamanestan, Azerbaijan and Armeniaon in the north,Turkey and Iraq in the west and Afghanestan and Pakistan in the east. Iran's position on the map has been always important throughout history.
Iranian culture is one of the oldest culture in world and influenced many countries. According to archaeologists account of human inhabiting in this region dates back to stone age.
Iran has one of  the richest arts heritage in world including architecture, weaving, calligraphy,pottery ,painting and etc....
The major language in Iran is Farsi which is a brand of Indo -Iranian language and the most prominent language of the middle east.
Climate in Iran is almost arid and semi arid in many areas, In west and north rain is more abundant than east and south.
The mother  language of the absolute majority  of Iranian is Farsi . Farsi language is used in education and administration system of Iran.